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Trip to Africa

One day, I would like to go to Africa…until then, the San Diego Wild Animal Park will do…TOTALLY do *especially when you have an annual pass*
Here’s a little overview of our visit

Once inside, Jimmy and I were greeted by this beautiful flower…

…and one legged flamingos (it’s an inside joke)
Oh, and here’s a photo of me trying to crush THE King
…these guys (I actually jumped when he growled…it was VERY intimidating. Definitely not a good idea to mess!)

We then decided to take a tour of Africa…the 20 minute version
Not bad, eh?

I *heart* giraffes…Jimmy thinks it’s because I envy them for their long necks…

Ok, so I thought about not posting the next photo, but what the heck, it’s pretty amusing. This actually went on for about 30 seconds…non-stop.

Here’s Jimmy playing around on the swinging bridge

…and chilling inside a tree trunk

Comparing tongues…blah

Happy Holidays!

December 25, 2008 - 10:24 am alice - fun! did you do the safari tour? =) lets have lunch soon~

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