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Little Blee : 11 months old!

Whaaaa!? My baby is already 11 months old! Bleh. That was SO fast.

Here’s a little recap of my little Blee’s exciting life as a 11-month old.

He went to the beach for the first time…and absolutely did NOT like it

…but he loves weekly dinners with great grandma

He got a new toy from Children’s Orchard

He hung out with his bff, Syd (I want to say his future girlfriend, but I don’t think my son can afford her. Ha!)

My mom is still in Japan, so he hung out with grandpa a lot

He’s been enjoying his classes at Greenwood

He had a lunch playdate with his little brother (and was a little grumpy)

I got him an outfit from Japan. What do you think?

…and last but not least, he’s been loving the water table that Jimmy built for him.

…and that’s it for now! Gotta get back to planning his 1st birthday party!!

August 14, 2011 - 10:08 am sukhyung - nice

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