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Category Archives: personal

Coffee + KNOX + sugar = Summer Deliciousness

Since school is out (YAY!), and the weather is getting nice and warm, I thought I would share one of my favorite summer treats. My mom has been making this for years, but I never realized how easy it was to make coffee jelly. Yes, coffee flavored jelly with whipping cream. Pure deliciousness. SO.FREAKING.EASY Here...

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Little T : 9 month session

Who am I kidding? I know I just posted a bunch of photos of my son, but yesterday, I had my first official photoshoot of my son. Official, as in 1) I chose his outfit 2) we left the house to go to my favorite location 3) we used props, and 4) I was by myself....

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My Little Blee is 9 months old!

My Little Blee…super happy, super low-maintainance, and super mobile! Here’s a recap of all the fun we’ve been having! The boy LOVES to eat! He had a great time swimming in our friend’s swimming pool. He went to our annual church retreat for the first time…and loved it (how could he not?) He crawls everywhere…and...

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My Little Blee

I have a lot of sessions to blog, but I’m going to take a much needed break and post some photos of THE cutest baby in the world! Enjoy! =) I love this little guy! Thanks for visiting!

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Little Miss J’s birthday

Quick post before I run out for an engagement session! Yesterday, Jimmy, Tatsu and I went to Little Miss J’s 2nd birthday party. Tatsu had a great time looking at all the colorful decorations and he even got to sit with the big kids and play with the instruments. Here are some images! Checking the...

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